The Quebrada Acapulco 2022 Schedules and Costs

The Quebrada Acapulco Check the costs and schedules and how to get there, a cliff 45 meters high. La Quebrada is one of the most famous attractions in Acapulco.

These cliff jumpers mask their bravery every night by leaping from the high cliffs of the bay into the dark ocean below with rods of fire in their hands.

The Quebrada de Acapulco One of Acapulco’s most famous attractions is the brave divers at La Quebrada. These cliff divers mask their bravery every night by leaping from the high cliffs of the bay into the dark ocean below with fiery rods in their hands.

This is a tradition enjoyed by locals and tourists alike and is sure to make your trip a memorable experience.

The Quebrada Acapulco How to get there?

Address: La Quebrada 25, Centro, 39300 Acapulco de Juárez, Gro.
Coordinates: 16°50′46″N 99°54′56″W / 16.84611111, -99.91555556

The address for how to get to the quebrada is La Quebrada 25, Colonia Centro, just take a taxi and tell them to take you to the Quebrada. As a reference, this cliff is 5 minutes from the Zócalo.

The Quebrada de Acapulco is one of the best known tourist attractions in the port of Acapulco is “La Quebrada”, a cliff that is approximately 45 meters (115 feet) high, where some brave divers risk their lives to follow the tradition, generation after generation.

Diving schedules in Quebrada Acapulco

To observe them you have to arrive in advance because the space is very limited. Some decide to enter the eating place or observe them from the road a little far away, but also with binoculars they get to know each other. In fact, quite a few people go to the opposite end of the Plaza de la Sinfonía del Mar (where the sculpture of the legend of the dolphin and the mermaid is), due to the lack of space on one side of the area for divers (where they charge a modest amount for the show) to be able to see them from afar and enjoy the view.

Hours from Monday to Sunday

21:00 nailed with campfire
22:00 torchlight dive

Price of the Quebrada acapulco

The cost to be able to access preferential places and better appreciate the dives is:

Children up to 1.20 meters admission is $20, beyond 1.20 meters admission is $100 MXN per person.

Outside the food court at the end of the show, the divers take pictures with the public.

Location of the Acapulco Ravine

It is a 45-meter-high cliff, with a channel seven meters wide and four meters deep, located in the port of Acapulco, Guerrero, in southern Mexico, which was developed by blowing up a hill.

Since 1934, the well-known dives of the Quebrada de Acapulco have been made there, completed by adolescents from the port who sometimes climb it with a lit torch. Its risk lies in the fact that the diver must calculate the moment in which the wave makes the sea level more prominent, since otherwise it would be certain death due to the collision with the bottom rocks, located at a shallow depth when the sea level goes down. sea level due to waves at night.

The Acapulco Ravine at Night

The Acapulco Ravine

The Quebrada de Acapulco history

The Quebrada de Acapulco thanks to the orography of the port, a deep heat was concentrated causing pathologies in the people as well as cholera and scurvy for which the doctor of the Crown of Spain, Francisco Javier Balmis has proposed an undertaking to open in the region a channel that would allow the center of the region to be ventilated, calling it Abra de San Nicolás. In 1799 the projects have been started, but it was left unfinished due to the lack of cheap elements.

It was until the year 1876 when Colonel José María Lopetegui continued with the projects to open a gap that would serve as ventilation for the port. The soldiers under his command removed many thousands of cubic meters of rock, a task that is described as heroic due to the objective pursued in pursuit of the people. But again the work was suspended; the lack of elements slowed down the progress in a complicated lot, the arduous work stopped, remaining as they recognize it and hence the name: “La Quebrada”.

On one of the cliff walls there is a path with a railing, and a place to eat, as well as a viewpoint, from where you can watch the divers, including pelicans doing the same to catch fish.

La Quebrada Acapulco Nailed to a Cliff

Every day, brave men risk their lives by jumping from “La Quebrada”, astonishing tourists and locals alike with their magnificent and brave stunts.

From the cliff, they jump into a channel at high tide that is 4 meters deep (13 feet). They are surrounded by dangerous rocks, so divers have to wait until the tide rises to achieve their dazzling feat.

“Before Acapulco was a popular tourist destination, the people who lived near the cliff and the canal, went fishing, swimming, diving and began to jump into the sea. Over time, calvados (divers) became popular and in 1934 the Quebrada was formed as a spectacular. During the 1940s, divers began to compete and set schedules to make the dives entertaining for tourists.”

Mariana Teran

It is important in the popular culture of Mexico

“La Quebrada de Acapulco” occupies a very important place in the popular culture of Mexico and has been recognized throughout the world by national and international celebrities, as well as Elvis Presley, Cantinflas, Tin Tan, Frank Sinatra and Ofelia Median, among others. big stars.

Currently, the divers offer five shows a day, even at night.

There is the World Diving Championship, which is still held and attracts divers and tourists from all over the world who capture approximately 11 million visitors.

Due to the number of visitors and because it is a tradition where young people and adults share their knowledge, “La Quebrada” is an icon in the port of Acapulco.

It is part of the cultural and tourist heritage of Acapulco.

The Guerrero state government recognizes this show as part of the cultural and tourist heritage of the city.

We value and honor the courage of these men, who are part of our national pride, for their achievements and because every day they come out with strength and determination to show us that, for a few moments, human beings can break through fear and respectfully connect. The sea, emerges victorious from danger, and faces our mortality.

How big is the Acapulco Ravine?
It is a cliff 45 meters high, with a channel seven meters wide and 4 meters deep.

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