Typical food of Acapulco Mexico

The typical food of Acapulco has been greatly influenced by pre-Hispanic and indigenous cultures, and most of the traditional dishes are the result of the combination of cultural cuisines.

comida tipica acapulco

Of course, as a port city, seafood is a staple, with five-star shacks and restaurants lining the beach and dotted with the green hills surrounding the iconic bay. In short, there is no shortage of tasty local food options.

Despite its sprawling resorts and relentless development, it remains one of the most talked about vacation destinations in Mexico for its Typical Acapulco Food.

Its glamour, golden-sand beaches and lush green surroundings still attract many tourists each year, and while critics say its glory days are over, this beach town remains the Pacific Rim’s leader. for a sensational nightlife.

The basics: seafood

Typical Acapulco Food

Fresh seafood abounds in Acapulco, with all the usual suspects making an appearance: beachside shack sandwiches, grilled fish dishes, and ceviche galore. Regional ceviche has its own unique flavor acquired by the unconventional splash of soda or orange juice and sprinkles of tomatoes. Acapulco also has two seafood dishes that are distinct from the region: Pescado a la Talla es the best-known regional specialty of the Guerrero coast, a grilled snapper that has been marinated in spices and chiles. Vuelve a la vidaor “back to life” in English, is the The perfect antidote to Acapulco’s famous nightlife, a hangover cure that locals swear by. It’s essentially a seafood cocktail (think bloody Mary with the shellfish thrown in) served in a chilled glass with a side of crackers and sliced ​​avocado. A comes to life at It usually contains a combination of shrimp, raw clams and oysters, squid and ceviche bathed in tomato juice, tomato sauce and a spicy sauce.

For a rainy day: Pozole

Pozole is a traditional soup made with corn meat (dried corn kernels from which the hull and germs have been removed) (usually pork), and garnished with any variety of limes, avocado shredded cabbage, chiles, radishes, and salsa. In Acapulco, you can enjoy two types of pozole: white and green. White pozole is the kind you can find anywhere in Mexico; It is made with chicken or pork, heirloom corn, vegetables, and tortilla chips. The green pozole, specific to Acapulco, has pumpkin seed salsa and green tomatoes added. The steamed hot soup is usually served in a clay container and is the perfect meal for a rainy afternoon on the coast.

Guerrerense filler

Another classic Acapulco dish that’s specific to the state, this stew is a heady combination of pork, lard, pork skin, and spices. Everything is finely chopped, blended, and simmered in a pot of mud.

Mexican Classics

Ceviche:   Fish or shellfish marinated in lime and tossed with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and spices with green chiles. 

Pozole:  A soup made with grits, beef broth, pork, and chicken.

Enchiladas:   Rolled corn tortillas stuffed with chicken, beef, or seafood.

Enchiladas Suizas: Enchiladas covered with a special green sauce and sour cream. 

Sopes or Chalupas : flat cakes made with tortilla dough, refried beans, cabbage and cream. 

Tamales: Tamales can be found throughout Mexico and vary a bit by region. In Acapulco, they are of the corn variety, and often have black mole with pork or chicken, green beans, and squash blossoms. The tamales are wrapped in banana leaves to keep the goodness steaming. It is also common to find bean tamales served with green pumpkin seed mole or tamales made from fresh pumpkin. Steamed cornmeal wrapped in corn husks and stuffed with beef. 

Syncronized : a Mexican version of a grilled sandwich, made with ham and cheese.

Torta : A sandwich prepared with refried beans, guacamole, lettuce and cheese.

Taco : A hot tortilla filled with chicken or pork, accompanied by guacamole.

Mole Poblano : A complex sauce made with 30 ingredients, including sugar-free chocolate, which is usually spread over the chicken. 

Sweet Treats For Dessert

Acapulco is full of typical food such as coconut and tamarind palms, and as a result, there are several recipes that have been created using the fruits. Some of the goodies sold on the beach and elsewhere include tamarind pulp mixed with sugar, ham, a kind of nut candy, baked coconut candy, and coconut ice cream.What is the food of Acapulco?

They are diverse such as Pozole, tamales, tacos, cocadas, but what predominates are seafood or fish meals, such as fish in size, it is something that if you come to Acapulco you must eatWhat is the price of Acapulco Food?

It is varied, you can find establishments such as inns with very affordable prices.

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