Sunset Chapel in Acapulco

Sunset Chapel in Acapulco in an area of ​​120 square meters stands the Sunset Chapel, built by the architectural firm BNKR Arquitectura who used materials in a game of contrasts:

glass against concrete, transparency against solidity, ethereal against heavy, classical proportions against apparent chaos, vulnerable against indestructible and ephemeral against durable.

The firm BNKR Arquitectura managed to highlight three main commissions for its design and execution, the first was to make the most of the spectacular views of the place that, due to its location on top of a peninsula, has a view of the blue of the Mexican Pacific.

The second of the orders was that the sun should set exactly behind the altar cross, a point that can be seen twice a year, during the spring equinox (between March 19 and 21) and the autumn equinox (between September 21 and 24).

And finally, it was necessary to include a section with the first phase of the crypts outside, around the chapel, which was also achieved.

Since exotic and picturesque vegetation surrounds this unspoiled oasis, the architects strove to have as little impact on the land as possible by reducing the chapel’s footprint to less than half the floor plan of the upper level.

The hills of Acapulco are made up of huge granite boulders, one on top of the other, and, in a mimetic effort, they struggled to make the chapel look like “another” colossal rock that lies on top of this pile of boulders: the chapel like a rock culminating the mountain.

Sunset Chapel is a private sunset chapel in Acapulco, designed by BNKR Arquitectura.


A must see to admire a unique architectural space.

The sunsets are incredible from this place.

Take your camera to take the best moments, there is little crowd during the mornings.

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