Mary Star of the Sea Chapel in Acapulco

The Mary Star of the Sea Chapel in Acapulco, located at the foot of the hill, the Mary Star of the Sea Chapel offers those who celebrate their marriage here, or any other sacrament, an incomparable view of the open sea as well as the sound of crashing waves, the perfect music for any marriage.

The space available in the chapel is reserved for those who prefer small events to enjoy the closeness of the family and their guests.

Thanks to the alignment of the chapel with the sea, the sunsets from here dazzle, considered one of the best in Acapulco, so couples who seal their love here must choose the exact time when the sun sets to be witnesses of this beautiful manifestation of nature.

The crosswind of the Mary Star of the Sea Chapel provides a sensation of freshness and serenity if you attend alone to give a prayer or meet her. A visit to take a souvenir from Pie de la Cuesta is always possible.


An attraction that is located 15 minutes from Acapulco, without a doubt you can visit it any day of your trip.

Don’t forget your camera.

The best time for your visit is at sunset.

You can combine your visit with some other activity in Pie de la Cuesta, whether you visit its beach or the Coyuca Lagoon.

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