Jet Ski in Acapulco

Jet Ski in Acapulco Something you cannot miss on your visit to the paradisiacal port of Acapulco is to enjoy a day at the beach and get on a jet ski, one of the many water activities you can do on any of the beaches in this destination.

Jet Ski Acapulco

Give a touch of adrenaline to your vacations, here we tell you some of the perfect beaches to drive a jet ski.

Wallow Beach

Located in the area of ​​Acapulco Diamante, this beach is the most famous in the port for jet skiing, with a moderate swell you can drive your jet ski and live a moment of fun and adrenaline.

Puerto Marques Beach

This quiet beach gives you the opportunity to appreciate the mountains that surround the bay while taking a ride on a jet ski. Get to know Puerto Marques from end to end, feel the speed and the wind touch your face.

Foot of the Slope

Drive your jet ski at sunset and you will be able to contemplate a spectacular sunset. In 2017 Pie de la Cuesta hosted the International Power Boat Cup, so a great jet ski adventure is guaranteed.


Combine your adventure with a walk on the beach and other water sports such as snorkeling, surfing and windsurfing.

Follow the instructions and safety measures indicated by the local guides to make your adventure the best experience.

Wear a life jacket at all times.

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