Acapulco Diamond Zone

Acapulco’s trendy Zona Diamante or Diamond Zone is a relatively new luxury resort area and is located 18 km / 11 miles southeast of the city center. Located between the airport and Acapulco Bay, this is an upscale and fairly affluent neighborhood and boasts much of the region’s luxury lodging and large condominium complexes.

Acapulco diamond tip

The Diamante zone is also home to many huge mansions and elegant homes, which often overlook the beautiful sandy beaches of Pichilingue and are usually clustered around the Las Brisas area.

Magnificent views are found around Acapulco’s Diamond Zone, overlooking the bay, the port of Acapulco and beyond.

Here you will find many cocktail bars, quality restaurants, nightclubs and luxury entertainment venues, while the main attractions include water skiing around the Bay of Puerto Marques, swimming in the Barra Vieja lagoon, the Capilla de la Peace of contemporary style in Fraccionamiento Las Brisas, the Fairmont Acapulco Princess Golf Course next to Revolcadero beach and several art galleries.

¿What’s in Punta Diamante?

Hotels, restaurants, beaches, shops to go shopping, cinemas, and many things to discover.

¿How to get to Punta Diamante?

Follow Costera M. Aleman in the direction of Av. scenic, there is no loses
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