Handmade Hammocks

The origin of the hammock: It is believed that about a thousand years ago, the Mayan Indians of Central America invented the swing. Hammocks, history and origins are said to be consistent with the making of the first hammocks using the bark of the aforementioned Hammock tree.

Apparently this material was depleted by sisal due to the abundance of its convenient plant fibers.

Due to the rich trade routes between the ancient Mayans and the regions of Central and South America, the hammock became established and popularized in all the original cities.

The origin of the hammock is in South America

In other cases, the origin of the hammock is associated with South America. Specifically in Colombia. In this case, the swing is said to be invented by indigenous people who use the dream, and they restricted Iran or injure, among other things.

Origin of the hammock in South America:

It may be one of the most popular theories. According to this version, hammocks seem to be part of the ancient Maya, but they will come from the Caribbean, in countries like Haiti, in terms of expansion from the rest of Central America and South America, like the Yucatan Peninsula, where they are used in almost all the houses. In fact, these things go to the Yucatan for almost two villagers before the appearance of Spanish in the Americas.

Origin of the Hammock in Europe

history and assets are also his appearance in Europe before he understood to explore America. Obviously, one of Luttrell Psalter’s travel book illustrations in England will prove the existence of these objects before the discovery of the Americas on October 12, 1492. This manuscript is dated approximately between 1330 and 1940.

What is known is that after the discovery of America, many European sailors -especially British and French- began to use bodysuits for their comfort and control over their swing. Use a hammock.

The use of hammocks today is very common. We can find them in a large number of homes around the world and are made of different materials, such as cloth, cotton and rope. It is also available in different types.

Today’s hammocks adapt to the exterior and interior spaces of homes. Of course, the brackets for each type of swing are specific, which makes pairing and use much easier.

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