Acapulco Chairs

The Acapulco chair is a fan favorite and for good reason, it’s the ideal outdoor or indoor chair! It is comfortable both in the living room and in the Acapulco rocking chair.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Acapulco became a popular destination for jet groups. Flying billboards and other images from this era depict the charming and fun Technicolor city.

Liz Taylor got married (again) there, and Jackie and John F. Kennedy honeymooned there. And around that time, someone designed the Acapulco Chair.

¿What are Acapulco Chairs?

Acapulco chairs have a unique mid-century modern style consisting of an egg-shaped frame with hand-woven threads that form the base of the chair.

This style has been adapted from its original form into versions of Acapulco designs in the form of dining sets, sofas, chat groups, rocking chairs, woven leather chairs, and even wooden Acapulco leather chairs.

¿Who designed the Acapulco chair?

No one knows who came up with the idea for the Acapulco chair. Its inventor remains a mystery, although Mexican designer Cecilia Lin Barra reports that she named the Acapulco chair after him.

¿When was that done?

The Acapulco chair dates back to the 1950s, when Elvis Presley appeared on the wall of every teenage girl’s bedroom.

¿How much does an Acapulco chair cost?

De 300$ à 3500$ Pesos mexicains

Originating Mayans

Acapulco chairs derive their handwoven design from ancient Mayan hammocks dating back over 1,000 years. The indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica carved hammocks that hung from tree bark and plant fibers.

Suspended design provides protection from snakes and rodents, and prevents contact with dusty ground. They even put hot coals under the hammocks to keep the heat in and keep the bugs away!

The word “hammock” actually comes from the Spanish conquistadors, who derived the word “homoca” from the Caribbean Indians, who sewed thread from the hammock tree.

This word literally translates as “son in bed.” The Origin of Nested Layout
While the real story surrounding the origins of the Acapulco chair is shrouded in sadness, we do know that the chair dates back to the 1950s.

This unique design is easily recognizable and can now be seen. It can be seen on balconies and patios everywhere.

The original Acapulco chair is made of steel and plastic

It is rumored that a French tourist was lounging on the balcony one hot day. He wasn’t satisfied with the sweltering heat and an idea occurred to him.

He decided to make a chair out of traditional Mayan hammock ropes. From there the Acapulco chair was born.
The original Acapulco chairs are handwoven and mimic the ropes found in hanging hammocks. It’s fun, stylish, sexy and eccentric! This fabric comes in a variety of vibrant colors including orange, red, yellow, green, and hot pink. You can even find them in crazy multicolored fabrics in the colors of the rainbow! Click here for color options.

The original Acapulco chairs were made primarily of steel. Steel is a great material, but not necessarily for outdoor use.

Exterior frames today are made from commercial aluminum. These frames are usually powder coated to prevent rust on the chair.

sillas acapulco

¿How to decorate with an Acapulco chair?

Typically, most of the Acapulco chairs you see printed or custom are modern takes on this enduring style.

When some people start looking, they wonder if they should order the original or buy a fake Acapulco chair.

Your best bet is to use recent versions and here’s why.
Original Acapulco chairs date back decades and are very rare (if any). For this reason, they are much more expensive.

Because they are so old (nothing against old), many of these steel rims have rusted after being exposed to the conditions of the Acapulco coast.

For all intents and purposes, it’s best to buy copies of Acapulco.

Stay tuned to our blog next week for the latest installment in this series, as we delve deeper into this debate between old and new.

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