How to get to Acapulco Guerrero

There are 3 ways to get to Acapulco, it can be by Plane, Bus or by car. Whatever your ideal way to get to this beautiful city, we will tell you how to achieve it and for your comfort.

Arriving by plane Acapulco:

From Mexico, you can fly to Acapulco from Mexico City or Guadalajara. You can also connect to Acapulco from various cities in the United States. The airport is 20 minutes southeast of central Acapulco. Ground transportation options, including taxis, car rentals, and shuttles, are available at the airport. Local buses will also take you into the city for an affordable price.

Arriving by bus Acapulco:

Buses run all day from Mexico City’s Central de Autobuses del Sur to the main bus station in Acapulco. The trip distance is approximately 180 miles and will take approximately five hours. There are two bus terminals in Acapulco; Estrella de Oro (the company that runs the very comfortable “Diamond” service to and from Mexico City) has a separate terminal a few blocks from the main station. You can book your tickets online in advance with Estrella de Oro. For detailed information on bus transportation, read Mexperience’s guide to traveling by bus in Mexico.

Getting to Acapulco by car:

The trip to Acapulco via the toll road from Mexico City is quick and efficient, taking approximately four hours. The toll road is Highway 95, the same one that the first class bus takes; a very picturesque route that includes crossing the suspension bridge over the Balsas River, the largest of the four suspension bridges on the highway. There is a free route you can take as an alternative to the toll road, but this will inevitably be slower, and we recommend taking the toll road for efficiency and safety.

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